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Electrical Services

Need electrical installed the right way in your new shed or garage? Now we can do it with our Electrical Services available. Here’s what we can take care of.

  • Running of a new electrical line from the main panel to the shed or garage
  • Installation of a subpanel in the shed or garage
  • Running of outlets, lights, and other fixtures in and around the shed or garage
  • Installation of popular components such as lights, door openers, outlets and EV charging stations
  • Wiring for car lifts or oversized garage doors for RVs may also be required
  • All work will be permitted and to code

Our Electrical Work On Your Shed

Adding electrical to a detached structure, such as a shed, involves several steps to ensure safety and compliance with building codes. Electrical work can be dangerous and should be performed by qualified professionals or experienced individuals following all safety precautions and regulations, and Emerlin has the team to do just that.

Assessment and Planning

Our team will determine the electrical needs of the structure, considering the intended use, including lighting, outlets, appliances, and any other electrical equipment. We’ll also assess the distance from the main electrical panel to the detached structure. This will determine the size of the wiring needed and any voltage drop considerations.

Permits and Regulations

Building codes may vary by location, zoning or even have homeowners’ association rules applied to them, so it’s important to comply with those requirements. Not to worry however, our team at Emerlin has a full understanding of the regulations and codes that apply to electrical installations in detached structures, and we’ll obtain the necessary permits for you.

Design the Electrical System

We’ll design a wiring plan that meets the electrical needs of the structure while adhering to safety standards and local codes. We’ll also work with you to decide whether to run the wiring underground or overhead, taking into account factors such as accessibility, aesthetics, and cost.

Materials and Equipment

Part of our quote will include the cost of necessary materials and equipment, including wiring, circuit breakers, outlets, switches, junction boxes, and any other components needed for the installation. We’ll ensure that all materials and equipment meet the relevant safety standards and are suitable for outdoor use if applicable.


If the main electrical panel is too far away, we’ll install a subpanel near the detached structure. The subpanel will have its own circuit breakers and be properly grounded. From there we’ll run the electrical wiring from the main panel or subpanel to the detached structure, following the approved wiring plan and local codes. Finally, we’ll install outlets, switches, lighting fixtures, and any other electrical devices according to the wiring plan and applicable regulations, and of course properly ground the electrical system to ensure safety.


Once installation is complete, we’ll schedule an inspection with the local building department to ensure that the electrical installation meets code requirements and is safe. We’ll also make any necessary corrections or adjustments based on the inspector’s feedback.


Once the electrical installation has passed inspection, we’ll connect the detached structure’s electrical system to the main power source. Our team will then test the electrical system to ensure that all outlets, switches, and fixtures are working properly, and label the electrical panel and outlets for easy identification of circuits.

Maintenance and Safety

It is important that you regularly inspect the electrical system for any signs of damage or wear and tear, while keeping the area around the electrical panel and outlets clear of obstructions.

Need Electrical For Your Shed or Garage?

Give our team a call today to discuss the options available, 757-663-8470.