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How-To Guide

Selecting Your Building

The biggest part of knowing how to build a shed starts with knowing how to choose the right one for your needs.

It all starts with a few simple questions:

  1. Use of your Shed
  2. Style of your Shed
  3. Size of your Shed
  4. Loft Space
  5. Features of your Shed

Take a virtual tour of our Classic Barn Style Shed

1. What’s The Primary USE for Your Storage Shed?

The first question to ask yourself to be sure you’re choosing the right shed for your needs is…

What will be the primary purpose of this shed?

Seems like an easy enough question but the more you can nail down exactly what you’ll use the shed for, the better the end product will be.

  • Will this be a garage space for your car?
  • Will you use it as a workshop to keep clutter and noise away from your house?
  • Is this your man cave retreat to watch the game and relax?

2. What’s the Best Style of Storage Shed for You?

In our experience when you want to know how to build a shed, there is a clear balancing act between what appeals to your eye and what will work best for your purpose.

When it comes to choosing a shed style, there is a hierarchy based on how the building is organized vertically.

Rating the shed styles best to worst – in regard to vertical space – looks like this:

  1. Barn
  2. Cape Cod
  3. A Roof
  4. Short Wall Barn

That also is how the pricing is ordered because it is based mostly on the materials used and ease of building construction.

  • Aesthetics – The Cape Cod best matches the modern architecture and blends in nicely in your neighborhood. The steeper pitched roof also adds vertical space, making lofts more practical.
  • Maximum Storage – The Barns Style Shed is designed for maximum vertical space. The higher roofline allows for maximum storage in a loft.
  • Basic – A-Roof sheds are the standard Emerlin Custom Storage Sheds & Outdoor Buildings offering. They are built with all the same specs and carry the same 10-year warranty. Can be easier to climate control because it has fewer cubic feet.
  • Economical – The Short Wall Barns Style Shed is our most economical option. This style is recommended if you are using the shed strictly for storage, don’t need a lot of space, and can have the building delivered. In most cases, this style is not built on-site and can only be delivered.

3. What Size Works Best for Your Storage Shed?

When picking the right size for your storage shed, you need to think back to what you’ll be using it for as well as the available space you have at your location. It’s easy to think ‘bigger is better but there are a lot of factors that come into play here.

An important one is your city’s ordinances and how big a building you’re legally allowed to put on your property. This is something our team has decades of experience in. So, before you get too focused on size – reach out to us so we can help you navigate your city’s regulations.

4. How Much Loft Space is Enough for Storage?

Adding lofts is the most economical “floorspace” addition to your shed, especially if you’re opting for the Barn Style or Cape Cod. We recommend as much loft space as you’ll need to store those items you only need a couple of times a year. Lofts are great storage options for holiday decorations, camping gear, pool covers, and storage containers but aren’t great for items you will want to access often.

Choosing Your Shed’s Options

  • Climate Control? Is your shed going to be climate controlled? If so, you’ll want to consider insulated doors and windows,
  • How many Windows? Deciding how many windows you want comes down to how you want your storage shed to look and how much airflow and natural light you want in your shed.
  • Type and size of your Doors? This really comes down to functionality and how you plan to use your shed. Do you need multiple entryways (ex: a large lawnmower through a double door and a second single door for entry. Will you be using this as a garage for your car and need a garage door?
  • What Door Style is best? Do you want glass in your doors to add some style and let in more natural light?
  • Deciding on the Color of your Shed & Shingles. We can match the vinyl siding on your home or you can choose from a variety of paint or vinyl colors. The same consideration goes into the shingles – are we matching existing shingles? We also offer a long-lasting stylish metal roof option.
  • Workbenches and Shelving in your Shed. This is really about getting the most out of your storage shed. Custom-built workbenches and shelving make your shed ‘move in ready’ the moment we’re done building.

Creating Your Quote

  1. Our shed consultants will walk you through all the options, we have color charts for shingles, vinyl, and paint. Once we know all that information, we can give an accurate quote
  2. Fill out a quote request on our website, call 757-633-8470, text 757-633-8470, or visit one of our sales centers

Placing Your Order

Once you’ve decided on the exact shed you want, our product specialists will walk you through the easy ordering process.

  1. All we require is a 20% deposit to get started and get you on our schedule.
  2. You’ll be shown your official work order. Once you’ve confirmed everything is correct then you’ll be asked to sign it as well as your official customer contract, and consumer protections.

How to build a shed, or select the right shed for your needs, is something the team at Emerlin Custom Storage Sheds & Outdoor Buildings has decades of experience with. When you are ready to build a shed give us a call and we will help make sure that your choice indeed does meet your needs!

Financing Your Building

Financing Available for Your Shed Project

Before we put down the foundation for your barn or shed, you may want to arrange financing. Emerlin Custom Storage Sheds & Outdoor Buildings has a number of flexible, low interest financing plans that make it easier to get the shed you’ve always wanted, now.

Learn More About Financing Your Shed

Built for Your Life, and All the Things That Come With It

Whether it’s storage or a extra space build things in, we’re shed builders that make the most of your backyard space with a high quality, long-lasting and durable shed.

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