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Chesapeake (Corporate Office)

Our Chesapeake location is our corporate headquarters and we do not have any sheds to view at this location. If you are a customer and want to see our sheds in person please visit our locations in Virginia Beach and York County.

Call us to Talk to Our Sales Team Now: 757-663-8470

Our Chesapeake Corporate office is available to take your phone call during these hours:

  • Monday – 8am–4pm
  • Tuesday – 8am–4pm
  • Wednesday – 8am–4pm
  • Thursday – 8am–4pm
  • Friday – 8am–4pm
  • Saturday – Closed
  • Sunday – Closed
Headquarters At Chesapeake Location

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About Our Chesapeake Corporate Office

Our company has worked in Chesapeake, Virginia, and across North Carolina for upwards of four decades, and we understand the laws and bylaws better than any of our competitors. If you’re looking for that perfect portable storage shed, backyard workshop, or garden potting barn – we are the company for you!

In order to understand how we can help, let’s explain what we offer. We never recommend temporary storage sheds like many of our competitors do – our sheds are built to last. Our philosophy is to never compromise. We only use superior materials and hire the best craftsmen.

Adding high-quality storage shed, garden shed, or detached garage, that is constructed properly and well-maintained, adds functionality and long-term value to your home.

You can always count on us for barns and sheds in other counties like Suffolk, Virginia Beach, and Virginia too! Closer to York County – see our location there! 

Give us a call, and one of our teams will be on their way with all their experience and expertise to discuss your requirements and suggest the best solution within your budget. Additionally, we have new options available for financing for your barns and sheds. Your dream is now within your grasp.

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