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Shed to Tiny House? Maybe a Tiny Home Shed is for You!

Last updated Saturday, January 6th, 2024

Shed to Tiny House? Maybe a Tiny Home Shed is for You!

The sheds built by Emerlin Custom Storage Sheds & Outdoor Buildings have almost unlimited uses. One area of interest has been to investigate what it would take to convert a shed into a tiny house, a living space similar to what you might see on TV. The basic structure is there and with a little extra engineering and construction, the sheds could be turned into tiny houses. The barn sheds are already designed and built to match the first-floor live load as required for the first floor of houses. In most cases, the same goes for the roof meeting snow load requirements and the walls meeting code-prescribed wind loads.

The following would also need to occur to convert a shed into a tiny home:

  1. Insulation added to meet the Codes energy requirements.
  2. Proper means of ingress/egress needs consideration including meeting flood elevation standards.
  3. Septic tank or connection to a city sewer system.
  4. Add electrical, plumbing, and HVAC.
  5. Confirm your “tiny house” meets setback requirements.
  6. Obtain an occupancy permit.

Plus, if you are going to be doing a conversion from a shed to a tiny house; you most likely need to have some interior design skills and an open mind for the organization. The most important thing to keep in mind when organizing a shed to live in is that less is more. As you have probably seen before, the decorative style in tiny homes fits a minimalist desire that has had a recent spike in popularity as of late. Although the possibilities for sheds converted to tiny houses are nearly endless, you can live in a large shed, and/or two-story tiny house. With less ground to cover you can focus on taking advantage of and maximizing the space, you have in your shed tiny house.

You can also personalize the size of specific rooms to work for your wants and needs in your everyday life while keeping the charm and getting the most out of having a tiny house. For example, if you’re big on baking and cooking, you can make the kitchen the biggest staple in your home. Tiny homes are most importantly a great affordable alternative to buying a full-sized home. It is becoming harder and harder to become a homeowner in the modern-day world, many people find themselves unable to afford the mortgage on an average-sized home and unable to put much money away after rent. Tiny houses provide a solution to this issue, as the size gets tiny so do shed homes’ price tags. 

Shed Tiny House

This tiny house shown includes sleek stainless steel appliances and a warm homey vibe from the wood coordination. The kitchen is certainly the main attraction and staple of this tiny home. 

Sheds you can live in

The living room is the main staple of this tiny house, it also features a roofed deck. This home maximizes its space by having its loft converted into a bedroom.

Two Story Shed you can live in

This house features a ladder and a staircase. Making use of all spaces, especially vertical ones, are key to making the most of turning your tiny house into a tiny home.

shed homes virginia

Featuring a more farmhouse design this tiny house leaves no square footage to be spared. What is missing is usable outdoor space, and that’s easily added into any of our sheds. 

Patios and decks can be a key feature for making the best out of space for your tiny home. If you’re more of an outdoorsy person, you can get the most out of your yard by having a tiny house for the square footage of your property. A garden, a hot tub patio like shown above, and a fire pit with plenty of patio furniture as a socialization space, so you can still spend time with your loved ones and socialize while being in the comfort of the outdoors and your property. Outdoor heating systems have been made easier to buy at your local home hardware store.

With all the opportunities, tiny homes are certainly an investment that can be worthwhile and much cheaper in the long run. A shed to a tiny house can be just as luxurious as a luxury home, without the luxury home price. It is certainly a benefit that will let you take advantage of spending more time on living your life and spending your money on things you want, other than high extra living expenses, and getting the most out of spending time inside your home and outside your home. Less cleaning, upkeep, and work, more time for fun, being connected to the outside world, and relaxation. 

There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding if a tiny house is for you; size, price, family – just to list a few. So, as we come to a close, ask yourself; is this minimalistic cozy lifestyle the one for you? Could you find yourself turning a shed into your very own tiny home? Ask us how we can guide you! 


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