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2 Sheds Put Together

Last updated Tuesday, October 17th, 2023

Say that you have a current shed on your property and you’d like to expand it by adding on to it using a second shed.

Or say that you have the space on your property and you want to combine or construct two new sheds and put them together.

Or say that you have two current sheds already located on your land that that you would like to combine into one larger shed.

Is it possible? Can it work?

This type of a project is unique and requires some pre-planning and decision making. And although it’s not all that common, combining two sheds, currently existing or not, can be done sometimes, barring building codes in your area. Depending upon what your needs are, local laws, and the final design, it may or may not be legal in your area.

It can be tricky though, and some major “thinking outside the box” may be in order.

Two Sheds

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Can You Attach Two Sheds Together?

If you have two current sheds that are already built and you want to attach them to each other to create one larger structure, you’ll want to seriously consider these points before deciding to move forward:

  • Will you need to move one or both of the sheds?
  • Are both sheds similar in size and were they constructed using similar materials?
  • Will you need to create a solid foundation for the second shed next to the first?
  • Is the placement of the second shed within the legal boundaries according to current code?

It’s not always easier or less expensive to move structures around. Sometimes it saves money and is much easier to build onto one of your current sheds and demolish the second one. It all depends upon the many details that you currently have to work with.

Can You Add to an Existing Shed?

If you are considering buying or building a second structure and combining the new structure with the currently existing fully-built structure, here are a few things you should ask yourself before taking on this type of project:

  • Will the design fit well with the current backyard shed that you already have?
  • Where would you like to put the new shed that is combining with the current shed?
  • Is there enough room to make it work and still pass building codes?
  • Do you have a good foundation to set the new shed on or would you need to build one?
  • Is it even possible to construct a legal foundation next to the shed that you currently have?
  • Do you have enough space in your yard to legally allow for the amount of space the combined sheds will take up?

Combining two sheds together can be a complicated process and it may be a good idea to consult with us to discuss what you want to do. We will tell you if your idea is possible and help you decide on what the best options for your particular space may be.

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