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Man Cave Shed Ideas

Last updated Tuesday, October 17th, 2023

Man Cave Shed Ideas

What is a Backyard Man Cave Shed?

Man caves are all the rage right now… and what man wouldn’t want his own place to relax and unwind? Having a man cave gives you your own space to do whatever types of manly things you like to do. That is the point of having a man cave – you are 100% in charge of this space and it should reflect the things that you like.

  • Want to watch the big game in peace?
  • Want to hunker down and take a nap?
  • Want to invite your guy friends over for a beverage and some laughs?
  • Want a quiet place to work, whether that be your job or hobbies?

These are all options once you have your man cave up and running. Consider what you need to feel comfortable and happy in that space. You can deck it out in so many ways! It can be designed so that it is not only a relaxing space but a cool, fun one as well.

Build New or Convert an Existing Shed?

You can either build a brand new man cave shed or, if you have a building that is already there, convert your existing building into your own guy area. The goal is to create a space that will give you someplace to relax and do guy stuff.

Man caves can be as simple or complex as you’d like. Does it need to be extravagant? No, unless you are an extravagant guy. Can it be simple? Yes, if that’s what makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. For some men, all they need is a room with a door and a refrigerator. For others, they want all the cool tech with plenty of entertainment and a rugged feel.

The Basics – Important Things to Keep in Mind:

  1. Consider your budget. Planning is the best way to keep within a reasonable budget.
  2. Electrical. Determine if electricity needs to be installed in a new shed, or if the current electric needs to be updated if you’re converting an existing shed. Think about outlets for your electronics, lights on the ceiling, etc.
  3. Plumbing. The same goes for plumbing. Do you need a restroom or running water? What about an ice maker?
  4. Insulation. Consider insulation, heating, and/or air conditioning, especially if you live in a very hot or very chilly area. It’s hard to relax when the temperature isn’t bearable. Keep in mind that you want a space that can be used year-round. And no one is comfortable at 30°F or 90°F.
  5. Walls and flooring. Do you want finished walls or flooring in your newly built man cave? Or, if you are converting the current storage shed into your man retreat, is the space currently finished, or do you need to add sheetrock or flooring?
  6. Think about lighting. Do you need ceiling lights, smart lighting, or lamps? Make sure anything that requires power is installed by a licensed contractor with experience. Professionally installed electrical wiring and fixtures are never the place to skimp.

What Size Shed is Good for a Man Cave?

A man cave shed can be as large or as small as you’d like it to be. If you’re building a new man cave shed, typical sizes are anywhere from 8’ x 8’ to 12’ x 20’ to 14’ x 24’ or even larger. If you think you may need more room in the future, it would be better to build a larger building right from the start to give yourself growth options.

Shed Sizes for Man Caves

How to Turn Your Existing Shed into a Man Cave

If you already have a shed on your property, it’s very possible to convert it into a man cave shed with a little thought and planning. Many existing sheds lack the features that a man cave would need, but they can be transformed.

Turn Existing Shed into Man Cave

Pre-Man Cave Planning With an Existing Storage Shed

  1. The first thing to think about is what your current shed is now being used for. Is it for household storage, lawn mower/recreational vehicle/car storage? Or is it just a catch-all? To begin, you have to have an idea of where to move the items already taking up space in the shed.
    *Disclaimer: We know that it’s not always feasible to just simply “move” things out of a storage area. If you have the space in another area to move things into, great. If you don’t, you can consider sharing the space with your lawn mower, 4-wheeler, or lawn tools.
  2. Once the planning is done, clear out the items taking up space in your future man cave. Move items currently in the shed to a different area, or set them aside.
  3. If you plan to share a space, create separate storage and man cave areas in your shed. Once your space is separated out, make a hard dividing line. On one side of the line is the storage area and on the other is the man cave. And don’t allow any overflow from the storage area.


  • Block it off.
  • Put up a barrier.
  • Require a passcode.
  • Do whatever you need to do to permanently separate the storage area from your man cave area. Do not skip this step, because it’s very easy to fill up your man space with items that need to be stored.

Man Cave Shed Interior Ideas

Oh, the possibilities! The space can be personalized to you and the things you like. Here are a few possible examples of what to include:

  • A large TV (or several) connected to cable or the internet, with a great sound system, and extra remotes
  • A video game system with a variety of games
  • A cool computer system
  • Smart home tech equipment
  • Pool table, poker table, beer pong table, or dart board
  • A comfortable couch that is large enough to seat several men, as well as being good enough to nap on. And of course, a coffee table. You may want to consider additional seating if you would like to make this a guy’s-only hangout
  • A stocked bar complete with bar stools and/or beer or liquor dispensers
  • A pizza oven
  • A popcorn machine
  • A refrigerator with a freezer. You can’t forget the ice!
  • Cool LED lighting
  • Decorations that express what you’re into such as sports equipment, hunting, guitars, Star Wars, or even your idols. Let it reflect you and what you like
  • Weights or exercising equipment
  • A good selection of munchies
  • A sign on the door expressing that this is a Man Cave

Man Cave Shed Interior Ideas

Some Important Points for the Ladies

Now, for all the women reading this article that may be feeling triggered by the idea of a man needing his own space, I have a solution for you!

  • When you read the words “Man Cave” or “Man Cave Shed,” replace those words in your mind with the words “She-Shed”.
  • Wherever you see the word “man,” replace it with the word “woman.”
  • Wherever you see the word “him,” replace it with the word “her.”

Some women would prefer her space to be a bit more feminine. Do you know why? Because a woman deserves her own space as well, just like a man does.

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