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Our She Sheds for Sale

Last updated Sunday, June 2nd, 2024

Our She Sheds for Sale

She Sheds for Sale and the Available Options for You

With the popularity of Man Caves at an all-time high, somewhere along the line a few ladies must have gotten together and decided that they deserved a place of their own too. And with that, the term “She Shed” was born. She Sheds are a women’s answer to a man cave.

Why consider a She Shed for sale?

Buying a She Shed that is already built is the quickest and easiest way to get yourself that new ladies-only space. You don’t need any building skills or tools because it is already built and ready to use. The only preparation you will need to do is prepare the site where you want to put it, which is not a difficult process at all. You will be provided with complete instructions on how to do it.

Pre-built options can be delivered quickly, sometimes even on the same day. The delivery company will put it where ever you want it and block and level it so it is ready to be used immediately.

She Sheds for sale also come with a warranty, which is a huge advantage for those of us that worry about what could happen.

What is the point of a She Shed?

A She Shed gives a woman a special place all her own, where She can go to relax and do things that She enjoys all on her own. Many consider it more of a getaway space than anything else, while others use the space for projects or entertaining. There are so many ways to customize your She Shed, giving you limitless options for making it your own space that is completely you.

How much does a She Shed cost to build?

There are many different options for building a new She Shed out there, and each of the options has its own advantages as well as pricing structure. In addition to the different options for building, there are a huge number of unique design styles and intricate features, which can significantly increase the cost.

On average, a She Shed can be built anywhere from a few hundred dollars to up to as high as $30,000. It all depends on the materials needed, professional know-how, and how many customizations are done.

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Options for building a new She Shed

A She Shed can be built in the usual way with building materials and tools on-site – Building a new shed from scratch may seem like an intimidating ordeal. But for the mechanically inclined people of the world, it isn’t all that difficult once you have a good floor plan and all the necessary materials and tools. It is imperative that you have advanced building skills and a wide range of tools before even considering building it yourself. Building it yourself, however, is the least expensive option for getting that brand new She Shed.

A pre-built shed can be moved to the property – Purchasing a complete pre-built She Shed from a reputable builder or dealer has some very large advantages. One advantage is that you can see the actual building in person before moving it to your home. Some people need to see a finiShed product to be able to visualize how to customize it. Although the cost of purchasing a pre-constructed building tends to be more expensive than building one from scratch, the biggest advantage is that you don’t have to have the knowledge or tools (or even inclination) to build it yourself. It can be placed in the spot you choose and will be ready to move into immediately without delay.

A kit can be purchased, and the She Shed built from the materials in the kit – A shed kit contains all the pieces needed to build a She Shed, and all of the pieces are pre-cut to the correct size and pre-drilled, making it a good option for the middle-of-the-road skill level of builder. Kits come with detailed instructions to put it all together, however, they sometimes lack quality when compared to a pre-built or custom-built shed. Although they seem simple enough in theory, some mid-level building knowledge is necessary. Depending upon the skills of the person/s building it, it could be built in a weekend. For most people, it would take longer. Oftentimes, a professional will need to be hired due to the difficulty of the project. Because of these issues, a kit sometimes ends up being the most expensive option when all is said and done.

How cheap can you build a She Shed?

The average shed costs somewhere around $3,000 to $4,000 to build, however, there are some that claim that they can build a She Shed for under $500. Some of the less expensive options use recycled wood pallets or other materials you may already have laying around. Other options include plastic and metal varieties. It’s worth a look through the internet to get an idea of what is involved, or, if for no other reason, to satisfy your curiosity on how they do it.

Does a She Shed add value to a home?

Not only does a She Shed add value to your property, but it also adds a lot of curb appeal. Perhaps someday you would like to sell your home and property, and a well-designed shed with character can increase your home’s sellability. It could even add up to $15,000 to the price of your home if the She Shed is in good condition and has an attractive look and well-document permit and warranty paperwork.

But before you’re even considering selling, it gives you a place to enjoy for yourself that fits your lifestyle and personal preferences.

Can you live in a She Shed?

Living in a She Shed, or any shed for that matter is sometimes possible depending upon the laws in your area. To make them legal to live it, planning permission is required to get the shed reclassified as a tiny home. This can be quite a complicated process, so keep that in mind before investing more money or time into creating a living space from a She Shed.

As a rule, a home, regardless of its size, requires a few essential components to be considered a home, including:

  • Electricity
  • Plumbing
  • Heating
  • Air circulation

Because of the take-off of what is now commonly known as “Tiny Homes,” building codes have changed somewhat to allow the tiny home movement to grow in a way that we haven’t seen in the past.

Converting an existing She Shed essentially depends on the specific zoning laws and building codes in your area. In some areas, making a storage area into a livable space basically only requires that it have a cooking stove and a toilet.

Each state, city, and county has its own laws and codes that dictate what types of structures can be used as livable spaces. Urban areas tend to be more stringent than smaller rural areas. Changing a dwelling from a shed to a tiny home requires consulting with a professional architect or contractor, or speaking with your local planning authority early on in the process.

Do She Sheds have bathrooms?

Yes, a She Shed can have a bathroom if the specific zoning laws and building codes in your area allow it. You will likely need a permit that allows a bathroom in your building. Having plumbing installed while the shed is in its building stage will assure that proper guidelines have been followed. It is very important to get the proper permit in advance. It could save you a lot of money and frustration down the road.

Should a shed match the house?

There are no requirements for the decorative design of a She Shed, but if you’re going to build it on your property, why would you not make it at least coordinate with the look and style of your house? Curb appeal is a big deal these days and having a completely mismatched shed could greatly affect the attractiveness and general feel of the entire property.

She Sheds, of course, don’t have to look like miniature versions of the house. They can have their own charm and character but should coordinate and look like they are an attractive addition to the property.

What to use a She Shed for?

Oh, the possibilities! The beauty of a She Shed is that it can be used for whatever the lady of the house wants to use it for.

Are you into crafting or projects? She Sheds make great crafting and project spaces to keep your supplies in order. They also allow you to pick up where you last left off.

Are you looking for a relaxation space or getaway area? Comfort is the key to this type of She Shed. Add whatever you need to make the space comfortable for you. It could be a comfortable couch or even a hammock to chill in.
Are you looking for a quiet reading area? Your She Shed could be filled with books on Shelves for your reading pleasure.

Are you into sports? She Sheds are great areas to put up a big television with a sound system, so you can watch whatever sport you enjoy. Or even better, add a few TVs so you can watch more than one sport or game at a time!

Are you into any great shows or TV series? Consider your She Shed to be your personal zone for an area where you can watch your favorites without interruption.

Are you an exercise fan? If you are into fitness and exercise, you may want your She Shed to have all of your favorite exercise equipment.

Are you a social butterfly? Maybe your She Shed would be best suited as a comfortable hangout area for you and your closest friends.

Are you a fan of uninterrupted naps? Well, aren’t we all? Your She Shed can be your personal nap space, complete with everything from aromatherapy, soft relaxation sounds, and the best pillow around. Add in a great soft blanket and consider it your own personal paradise.

Of course, you’ll want to hear about noteworthy advice from other women when they received their very own She Shed.

Some general advice to keep in mind:

  • There’s nothing wrong with putting your phone on silent to enjoy a little time to yourself. Having a break will only make you a better person. You deserve some “me time.” As a woman, that is often hard to come by but if you have a way to make it happen, go with it!
  • As long as your family is safe, it’s okay to duck out for a while for some chill time on your own or with your girlfriends. We’re not suggesting you abandon your family or children… but many women feel that is exactly what they are doing when they take time for themselves. Think about that for a moment… is that what you are doing? Of course, it’s not. Regardless of your home life, you are a human being with normal needs. You wouldn’t think badly of another fellow woman taking a quick nap if She can make it work, right? So don’t beat yourself up about wanting a few moments to breathe and just be yourself.
  • Sometimes it’s good to give your significant other alone time with the family. Let him or her have some fun moments with the family when you are taking a well-deserved break in your She Shed. If you are married or in a relationship, you don’t need to micro-manage everything. Give your partner some time to hang with the family on their own and watch how it brings you all closer together.

What makes a shed a permanent structure?

A permanent structure is a structure permanently attached to another structure or placed on the ground in a fixed position that is intended to remain where it is for more than 6 months.

Since a shed is not meant to be moved once installed, it is considered a permanent structure.

Can I turn my shed into a guest house?

Along the same lines as living in your She Shed discussed above, turning your shed into a guest house may be possible with proper permits, depending upon the specific zoning laws and building codes in your area. For many homeowners, adding the required modifications to a storage She Shed is well worth the extra time and budget when it allows guests a place to stay.

And just like converting a dwelling from a shed to a livable area, converting a She Shed into a guest home requires consulting with a professional architect, contractor, or your local planning authority. This is one of the first steps you need to take before investing additional time or finances into the structure.

Let’s Build Your Shed or Garage

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Can you run plumbing to a shed?

Absolutely, and it can add additional value to your property as well, not to mention making your life a lot simpler without having to leave your She Shed to wash hands or use the bathroom.

Running plumbing to a shed usually only requires the correct permit in most areas. It’s important to check with your local zoning laws, of course, for accurate information for your area.

Can you put a TV in a shed?

A TV is usually allowed in any type of shed unless there are extreme temperature conditions. Of course, electricity is required within the shed itself to run the television. Cable boxes, game systems, DVD players, etc. can also be used in a shed as long as the electrical system can accommodate the load.

Can I build a shed with a toilet and shower?

In some areas, you are able to add a toilet and shower to your She Shed, as plumbing to a toilet and shower are allowed in many areas. But it is still important to check with your local city and zoning laws to be sure for your area. You may need to install a separation wall, ventilation, or other requirements to make the area legal.

Should a shed have windows?

This is another gray area (pun intended) that is a personal preference. Windows in your She Shed will give you some wonderful natural lighting. But what if you want it to be an area where no one knows if you’re there or not? That’s okay too. There’s always the happy medium of having windows with closed curtains. No one needs to know when you are taking a breather if that is an issue in your life. Keep those curtains closed and only open them with it feels right. Or, on the opposite side of the fence, keep those curtains open and let in that natural light. It’s up to you!

What is the best color for a shed?

Keeping the color of your current building/s on your property in mind is important to make sure the curb appeal is there on your property as a whole. Using a coordinating color to the other buildings gives a beautiful uniform feel to your property.

Currently, gray colors, soft blue colors, and soft green colors are popular because they are considered relaxation colors. In addition to that, they also tend to coordinate with outdoor nature colors.

What is the most popular color to paint a shed?

Nature-based colors in the green, blue, or gray families are popular.

What to put inside a She Shed?

Now, this is the best part of having your own She Shed. What makes you happy goes in the She Shed. What doesn’t make you happy gets the boot. Simple enough.

Here are a few ideas on what may be of interest to you for your own She Shed:

  • A quality TV connected to cable or the internet, with surround sound
  • A cool computer system
  • Smart home tech equipment with WiFi
  • Large table for get-togethers or to work on any projects you are into
  • A comfortable sitting area that is large enough to seat several of your friends, as well as being a comfy place to nap. Don’t forget cute pillows and a cuddly blanket! You may want to consider additional seating if you would like to make this a lady retreat area
  • Craft supplies if you enjoy crafting
  • A stocked bar… enough said
  • Cute decor
  • A pizza oven
  • A popcorn machine
  • A refrigerator with a freezer. Bonus points for pre-mixed margaritas
  • Pretty and relaxing color of paint on the walls
  • Decorations that express what you’re into. These can include things like cute art, tchotchkes, or even photos. Let it reflect you and what you like
  • Weights or exercising equipment
  • A good selection of munchies

Can I sleep in my shed?

Depending upon your local laws and codes, it may be possible to sleep in your shed. The most important consideration, of course, is safety. You want to be 100% sure that there is proper ventilation and that it is safe to sleep in.

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